Thursday, February 9, 2012

Building Windows

Today is the introduction of the first role-playing system I plan to talk about: the windows system. The windows system is good for those who are creative and love having fun.

The actual system for leveling is set up by what I call a Games Master (GM), named so by my best friend and the GM of my current role-play. The GM also helps players create their characters, creates the setting for the role-play, and begins to think of possible story arcs.

In the beginning players are allowed freedom to act as they choose: being protagonist, antagonist, or neutral. Once the players have become accustomed to the system, they are allowed to add new characters and set up future plots (as long as they do not interfere with the GM's plans). The players of this type of system should love to tell stories. Even though the window system allows for a role-play that is action centered, the system works better when the focus is on storytelling.

The system calls for an advanced player to be the GM, but the players can range from advanced to newbies. So, not only can any person play a window systems role-play, it is easily adaptable to any anime, video games, or book series that you might want to use as a template. Another great point is that it is free and easy to find! Yep, there is no need to buy books or spend hours looking for the updated version of a character sheet. So, overall, this system is pretty darn good!

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Now, you may be wondering how this system works in a real role-play. Good, because my next set of posts will detail the "Harry Potter: Life After the Books" role-play that my friends and I are currently playing.

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