Thursday, March 29, 2012

College Friends: Is Living Together a Good Ideas

As a Junior in college, I took up the opportunity to live with my friends in a townhouse to get out of paying for a $3000 meal plan. This is where all the problems started. Because none of us were going to buy a full meal plan, we all decided that we would take turns buying food, but we never got around to making a chart listing out when people should buy food. This started arguements about whose turn it was to buy food, why some people were buying food more than other people, and why some were spending more money on food than others. This problem was one, of many mind you, that we let sit on the backburner till it got to a point that the house divided and tension was so thick that not even a stake knife could cut it. We also had the brillant idea to not create a cleaning chart. This led to more tension as only two of the six people living in the house cleaned it. As the food disappeared and the floor got messy, tensions just continued to rise, until we got to a point where we could not stand each other anymore. Even now, after making amends with each other, there is still signs of resentment and anger amoung us. Has it ruined our friendships... no. Yet, they are probably a little tainted due to it. So, my advice this week, if you are going to live with friends:

*Set the rules and regulations up before hand.
*Make sure to have a cleaning chart in place.
*Talk to your friends as soon as there is an issue, do not wait.

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