Sunday, April 22, 2012

The DO'S and DON'Ts of College: Freshman Edition

DO: Be 100% honest on the roommate survey your college gives you.
DON'T: Fill out the roommate survey randomly, at the last minute, or in hopes to having the "perfect" roommate.

DO: Get to college early, colleges usually have special events and plans for Freshman. It also gives you a chance to meet your roommate, get your books, and settle in.
DON'T: Party the first week, or month for that matter, of your Freshman year. You have a second semester and three years after that to party, your first semester GPA can make or break you.

DO: Date.
DON'T: Date someone who is a junior or senior.
DON'T: Have random slutty sex with frat guys, sorority girls, or the general masses.

DO: Stay true to yourself.
DON'T: Try to reinvent yourself because people don't know you. When they do finally get to know you, they will find out that you have been lying to them and yourself.

DO: Go to all your classes.
DO: Take advantage of your classes attendence policy.
DON'T: Skip classes to drink, smoke, have sex, party, or sleep in because you did all the aforementioned things the night before.

DO: Cram for your exam the night before because all your classes gave you papers and exams due the same day.
DON'T: Be bad at cramming for your exam.

Relationships and Such

Relationships can be hard, and apparently the only way to fix them is to talk to a gay person. As the gay person my friends flock to, I can tell you that it gets annoying after a while. Yet, I have learned a lot by listening to and fixing the relationship problems that my friends have. Advice:

* Be open to meet new people. Do not limit your choices to your friends. There are plenty of girls and guys that are your type that you do not already know.

* Do not be afraid to make the first move. Sometimes you just have to find your hidden courage.

* Talk about problems. Do not hide your insecurities or problems with your partner. The more they know about you, the more they can understand and help.

* Talk to your partner about problems that you are having in a calm manner. If you are not calm, they will not listen.

* Assert equality in the relationship from the start, even if one person is older. A relationship where both people are not equal will always lead to a break-up.

* Realize when a relationship is over, and let it end.