Sunday, April 22, 2012

Relationships and Such

Relationships can be hard, and apparently the only way to fix them is to talk to a gay person. As the gay person my friends flock to, I can tell you that it gets annoying after a while. Yet, I have learned a lot by listening to and fixing the relationship problems that my friends have. Advice:

* Be open to meet new people. Do not limit your choices to your friends. There are plenty of girls and guys that are your type that you do not already know.

* Do not be afraid to make the first move. Sometimes you just have to find your hidden courage.

* Talk about problems. Do not hide your insecurities or problems with your partner. The more they know about you, the more they can understand and help.

* Talk to your partner about problems that you are having in a calm manner. If you are not calm, they will not listen.

* Assert equality in the relationship from the start, even if one person is older. A relationship where both people are not equal will always lead to a break-up.

* Realize when a relationship is over, and let it end.

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